Chapter 15: Global Media


In an ideal world, I would say I would be proud to risk imprisonment or torture to get the truth out.  Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and I am not sure that I would.  I love the news and when people deliver the news that’s truth and I respect them for it.  But I couldn’t say I would be willing to sacrifice my life to criticize the government until I’ve been put into the situation.  The William Wallace in me says I would but if I had a family I couldn’t risk their lives.  I hope I never have to worry about this and that situation.


Chapter 14: Media Ethics

Media Apologizing

I think it’s important to apologize when you get something wrong especially when you are a big media outlet.  When you do something wrong and don’t admit you are basically thought of trying to hide from the truth.  If you come clean and admit you made a mistake then the public may think, ‘Hey, they admitted to a mistake and said they’d do better.’  I’ve always heard that one way to learn is by learning the ‘hard way’ by making a mistake and learning from it.  When a  media outlet agrees to this then I find it more viable then ignoring the problem and it never getting addressed.  I don’t believe not admitting you were wrong would help in any case.  If you were caught red handed.  If there’s still a chance that someone got you confused with something different then you might fight your case that you aren’t a liar.  At the end of the day the truth is the best way 🙂

Chapter 11: Advertisements

Ads that target me

19. A College Student. I have my whole life in front of me.   I’m probably a part of one of the most targeted groups of people in the world. You hook in a nineteen-year-old  to love your product then you have someone who will love your product for years to come. Just about every advertiser wants younger individuals to fall in love with their product than any other consumer. I feel like even ‘adult’ products such as insurances are aiming for our younger generation. Think about Geico. This insurance companies commercials are based on a small green gecko who talks. WAIT. Talking animals? Isn’t that for little kids? Of course it is. That’s their ploy. If you asked me tomorrow, ‘Hey, if you could pick any insurance to have and they’re all the same charge’ I would say Geico. They’re the ones who’ve made me laugh in between my shows or sports games. They’re the ones who made me having to sit through tantalizing commercials about pizza and burgers and other things I really don’t need, worth it cause I got a decent laugh out of the deal. I know it sounds silly to think an insurance company would target a child but It’s the real deal. Also you see Soda companies advertising their drinks as a drink someone drinks after playing sports. This is the most slanderous thing I’ve ever seen(okay maybe not the most but c’mon.) I’ve played sports my whole life and after playing what helps me the most is a nice cool bottle of water, or a Gatorade with condensation surrounding the cup, or even the caprisuns I used to get after t-ball games, but not a soda. Nonetheless these soda companies think that it’s a good idea to act like that’s what people need after a game. So these kids who are thinking ‘Hey I’m gonna play sports and be healthy’ sees this advertisements that a soda after a game is refreshing and that’s what they use to refresh themselves even if it’s not ideal. Of course I try and avoid these sorts of advertisements that are aiming at me but are unbeneficial to me.

Chapter 10: Online Media

Video Games as a Mass Medium

Of course, video games are a mass medium. It’s amazing how much video games have grown since it’s the first conception. They used to be so simple like the classic Pong. They’ve developed into complex games such as Grand Theft Auto. These games are where video games really developed into a mass media. In a giant sprawling game such as Grand Theft Auto, there are so many opportunities for advertisements. For example, Rock Star, an energy drink, is advertised heavily through GTA. Also, they use parodies on brands that, if they wanted to, companies could pay to actually have their brands placed there. For example, there is the ‘iFruit’ that looks like a pear instead of having an ‘iPhone’ that looks like a phone. Not only can it be used for advertising it can also be used for communication. There are friends who I didn’t see all of college that I talk to all the time while playing a game on Xbox. A lot of the times we weren’t even playing a game together! It’s good to have this available because without it I don’t know if I’d talk to these buddies of mine from high school. Along with talking to my friends I can communicate with other people around the world. The other day I was playing FIFA, a soccer video game, and played a kid from Kansas City. I’m going to KC in a week or two to see a soccer game up there so we had a nice talk about it. I’ve also gotten hate mail through Xbox. I’ve played someone in a game and they’ve sent me a message afterward telling me I’m scum of the earth or a douchebag or some other derogatory term. There’s also plenty of advertisement on the Xbox home page. There are at least three different games or deals that Xbox is advertising at once on the right side of the home page. This is sure to yield plenty of profit for Xbox, a console I’ve already paid $300 for. So, of course, video games are a mass medium or at least have developed into one since it’s the first conception.

Chapter 9: Television

DVR and its impact on TV

I remember the excitement I exhibited when I was 14(ish) and my parents installed Dish satellite in our house.  Before receiving satellite me and my family would strictly watch movies and maybe TV Shows that were released on DVD.  The biggest thing I missed out on was sporting events.  I didn’t have the opportunity to watch my favourite games while I didn’t have satellite.  This bothered me because I love sports, especially the Hogs!  So I would listen to the game on the radio but I missed out on a lot of it by not getting to see the game in on TV.  When I did get satellite I was enthused about the DVR because I would miss quite a few games when they were on Sunday during church.  With the DVR I was given the luxury to record a popular game like the Super Bowl and watch it after church.  Of course I can understand how this could hinder the TV Channels money making.  We do skip the commercials when my family watches these recorded shows.  But don’t the TV Shows get money from the satellite companies to air their shows?  Or maybe they should continue to plug products into the actual content.  This is a good way for them to make money.  At the end of the day it’s hard to make DVRs illegal when it does help people have time to view TV when they otherwise wouldn’t watch anything.

Chapter 7: Audio

Audio Programs

I remember my senior year that I listened to the radio more than I ever had.  From the time I left my house to the time I pulled into the school parking lot I listened to 103.3 and just heard tidbits of news about the region.  It always excited me when I heard my football coach talk about our team or about our game, or even hear an advertisement that had someone I knew talking.  It wasn’t even the country music they played in between that I enjoyed, it was everything else about the experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I grew to have a new appreciation of country music because of my time as a listener.  I miss that because in my Jeep I have a cassette player and have an auxiliary adapter in there so I can’t switch between the listening to my phone or the radio without taking out the cassette.  Taking out the cassette sucks because it’s finicky and it won’t read it unless you put it in just right so it takes me forever to get it to work again.  What I’ve come to listen to is through my phone because of this.  I am a proud subscriber to Apple Music so I always have some weird songs that I’m listening to when I’m in the mood but I also love listening to podcasts.  Football and Soccer podcasts are the typical suspects but I even listen to ones about travel and politics as well.  I’d say I split my time between podcasts and music quite evenly.  As someone who as toyed with the idea of going into the Communications field I love listening to podcasts and thinking about how they do their thing and how I could pull it off, but then as a mediocre musician, I love getting lost in a song that I can butcher on the guitar later.  I also listen to music and podcasts while running.  And as I mentioned earlier, I hope to upgrade my radio here soon so I can seamlessly go between my music, podcasts, and my friends over at 104.9 The Fox.

Chapter 6: Newspapers and the News

Minorities as Sources

The concept that saying someone is a female or minority when stating them as a source raises the quality of a work is just as bad as saying that stating a source as a white male raises the quality of the work.  The only time this is acceptable is when it is relevant to the topic.  The reason this is so bad is because this goes against what the minorities fight for in general.  Minorities are mad because they think everyone treats them differently based on their race, so if a news source is stating their race when it has no relevance to their credibility as a source doesn’t that go against what they fight for?  Take for example the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  They, being the black community, say constantly that they aren’t trying to say the black lives matter and no other lives matter.  They’re trying to say that they’re lives matter TOO.  You think they would’ve made a hashtag that helped get this point across more but alas.  You can also look to the Feminist movement as well.  Not taking into account the extreme feminist, most feminists aren’t asking to be paid more than men do, just to be paid the same as them.  The argument I’m trying to make here isn’t the validity of either of these arguments but the inconsistency of these compared to stating a minorities minority just so you can say you used a minority because it’s not someone’s race that makes them a credible source but their experience. It’s ridiculous for in one breath to fight for equality and in the next to say that you’re a better source because you’re a minority.  On the other hand, though it does make sense to state races and genders when doing polls and survey’s because you want to have diversity in those.