My name is Rowdy Fraser.  I’m undeclared in major, but my advisor has been doing her job in advising me.  She suggested this class to me, she thinks it will help me better understand what I may want to do with my future.  In order to be a good student one needs to focus in class, and most importantly read the assigned texts.  In order for my teacher to be a good teacher they would need to work hard on accommodating each and every student to the best of their ability.  Try to personally connect to them so the students would more likely to listen and respect the teacher.  To me, my motivation in this class is very much being a performance avoider.  But of course ‘failure’ is all about how you define it.  Failure to me is not understanding the course completely and not getting the grade I think I had the potential to get.  In some classes that is an A, in others that is a C.  When asked what kind of learner I am, I’d have to lean towards a Procedural Knower.  I plan on getting my degree in four years, but of course first I need to solve the mystery of what I wish my major to be.  College is the sole purpose I am here in Jonesboro, Arkansas but I don’t let it consume my life.  I work at Starbucks on Southwest Drive part time, but this isn’t my ‘passion’ as one might put it.  That is something I’m still searching for.

Media is something that is essential to me, and my classmate’s, everyday lives.  The last good movie I watched was Rogue One: A Star Wars story, and I’d recommend it to any real Star Wars fan and even if you aren’t a fan it is nonetheless a good Science Fiction War Story. The last two pieces of music I listened to were Shape of You by Ed Sheeran and The Men That Drive Me Places by Ben Rector.  I listened to both of these through Apple Music on my iPhone. I’ve read many books, many memorable books.  The most memorable would be the Bible.  I’ve read it cover to cover twice and I’ve read sections in it dozens of times.  It’s so memorable because after all these years it’s still relevant, still helps people day in and day out.  Christian or not christian you can still get something out of what it says, the message’s it has is more than about just religion, it’s about a way of life.  Another book that has been memorable to me is This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I have read this book three times and every time I notice something else in it that I love, something else I can learn and try to apply to my everyday life.  The story is just about a man’s life.  From childhood to young adulthood, and what he goes through.  I’ve learned a lot through this book, and will always appreciate it.  The magazine I most admire is probably National Geographic.  Even though I sometimes don’t always agree with some of the articles they are always entertaining and worth reading.  The internet is something I’ve been using since I can first remember.  At first it was for games, and slowly my relationship with computers became more professional.  I’m no expert with computers, but I’d give myself a solid 7/10 skill level with them.  My email is rowdy.fraser@smail.astate.edu, and you can use that to contact me need be.  I am also on Twitter(@FraserRowdy) and Instagram(@rhf_10).  I use these for the need, no want, for constant and instant news.

I believe some of my strengths is communicating well with others, reading fast, and thinking on my feet.  Of course even my strengths leave room for improvement, but those are the places I believe I need the least improvement.  There are many things I need to improve in.  For example, my time management.  I often struggle juggling school, work, and my personal life.  This is something I believe every college student goes through, and I believe with time I too will conquer it.  If I only had $50 to spend on groceries for two weeks I’d struggle on buying the right things.  In the end I’d most likely buy me some tortillas, cheese, bologna, two gallons of milk, a giant bag of fruity pebbles, two dozen eggs, and some bisquick.  I can make multiple meals with this combination of items, and that’s important.  The same thing to eat every night would become boring a dull. To conclude this I’d like to say one last thing. Remember that we all “accept the love we think we deserve.”