Chapter 14: Media Ethics

Media Apologizing

I think it’s important to apologize when you get something wrong especially when you are a big media outlet.  When you do something wrong and don’t admit you are basically thought of trying to hide from the truth.  If you come clean and admit you made a mistake then the public may think, ‘Hey, they admitted to a mistake and said they’d do better.’  I’ve always heard that one way to learn is by learning the ‘hard way’ by making a mistake and learning from it.  When a  media outlet agrees to this then I find it more viable then ignoring the problem and it never getting addressed.  I don’t believe not admitting you were wrong would help in any case.  If you were caught red handed.  If there’s still a chance that someone got you confused with something different then you might fight your case that you aren’t a liar.  At the end of the day the truth is the best way 🙂


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