Chapter 11: Advertisements

Ads that target me

19. A College Student. I have my whole life in front of me.   I’m probably a part of one of the most targeted groups of people in the world. You hook in a nineteen-year-old  to love your product then you have someone who will love your product for years to come. Just about every advertiser wants younger individuals to fall in love with their product than any other consumer. I feel like even ‘adult’ products such as insurances are aiming for our younger generation. Think about Geico. This insurance companies commercials are based on a small green gecko who talks. WAIT. Talking animals? Isn’t that for little kids? Of course it is. That’s their ploy. If you asked me tomorrow, ‘Hey, if you could pick any insurance to have and they’re all the same charge’ I would say Geico. They’re the ones who’ve made me laugh in between my shows or sports games. They’re the ones who made me having to sit through tantalizing commercials about pizza and burgers and other things I really don’t need, worth it cause I got a decent laugh out of the deal. I know it sounds silly to think an insurance company would target a child but It’s the real deal. Also you see Soda companies advertising their drinks as a drink someone drinks after playing sports. This is the most slanderous thing I’ve ever seen(okay maybe not the most but c’mon.) I’ve played sports my whole life and after playing what helps me the most is a nice cool bottle of water, or a Gatorade with condensation surrounding the cup, or even the caprisuns I used to get after t-ball games, but not a soda. Nonetheless these soda companies think that it’s a good idea to act like that’s what people need after a game. So these kids who are thinking ‘Hey I’m gonna play sports and be healthy’ sees this advertisements that a soda after a game is refreshing and that’s what they use to refresh themselves even if it’s not ideal. Of course I try and avoid these sorts of advertisements that are aiming at me but are unbeneficial to me.


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