Chapter 10: Online Media

Video Games as a Mass Medium

Of course, video games are a mass medium. It’s amazing how much video games have grown since it’s the first conception. They used to be so simple like the classic Pong. They’ve developed into complex games such as Grand Theft Auto. These games are where video games really developed into a mass media. In a giant sprawling game such as Grand Theft Auto, there are so many opportunities for advertisements. For example, Rock Star, an energy drink, is advertised heavily through GTA. Also, they use parodies on brands that, if they wanted to, companies could pay to actually have their brands placed there. For example, there is the ‘iFruit’ that looks like a pear instead of having an ‘iPhone’ that looks like a phone. Not only can it be used for advertising it can also be used for communication. There are friends who I didn’t see all of college that I talk to all the time while playing a game on Xbox. A lot of the times we weren’t even playing a game together! It’s good to have this available because without it I don’t know if I’d talk to these buddies of mine from high school. Along with talking to my friends I can communicate with other people around the world. The other day I was playing FIFA, a soccer video game, and played a kid from Kansas City. I’m going to KC in a week or two to see a soccer game up there so we had a nice talk about it. I’ve also gotten hate mail through Xbox. I’ve played someone in a game and they’ve sent me a message afterward telling me I’m scum of the earth or a douchebag or some other derogatory term. There’s also plenty of advertisement on the Xbox home page. There are at least three different games or deals that Xbox is advertising at once on the right side of the home page. This is sure to yield plenty of profit for Xbox, a console I’ve already paid $300 for. So, of course, video games are a mass medium or at least have developed into one since it’s the first conception.


One thought on “Chapter 10: Online Media

  1. Hey Rowdy! Video Games as a medium for advertising is one of my favourite topics! Would love to see some pictures of the product placement/advertising in GTA. Some of the best advertisements in games in my opinion have been in Mobile Games, check out Farmville!

    Have you read up any on Gamification? If not, I think you would find it fascinating!

    For my postgraduate dissertation, I studied “The Effectiveness of Product Placement in Mobile Video Games”… It was a really interesting topic and I would be happy to share my findings with you.


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