Chapter 9: Television

DVR and its impact on TV

I remember the excitement I exhibited when I was 14(ish) and my parents installed Dish satellite in our house.  Before receiving satellite me and my family would strictly watch movies and maybe TV Shows that were released on DVD.  The biggest thing I missed out on was sporting events.  I didn’t have the opportunity to watch my favourite games while I didn’t have satellite.  This bothered me because I love sports, especially the Hogs!  So I would listen to the game on the radio but I missed out on a lot of it by not getting to see the game in on TV.  When I did get satellite I was enthused about the DVR because I would miss quite a few games when they were on Sunday during church.  With the DVR I was given the luxury to record a popular game like the Super Bowl and watch it after church.  Of course I can understand how this could hinder the TV Channels money making.  We do skip the commercials when my family watches these recorded shows.  But don’t the TV Shows get money from the satellite companies to air their shows?  Or maybe they should continue to plug products into the actual content.  This is a good way for them to make money.  At the end of the day it’s hard to make DVRs illegal when it does help people have time to view TV when they otherwise wouldn’t watch anything.


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