Chapter 7: Audio

Audio Programs

I remember my senior year that I listened to the radio more than I ever had.  From the time I left my house to the time I pulled into the school parking lot I listened to 103.3 and just heard tidbits of news about the region.  It always excited me when I heard my football coach talk about our team or about our game, or even hear an advertisement that had someone I knew talking.  It wasn’t even the country music they played in between that I enjoyed, it was everything else about the experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I grew to have a new appreciation of country music because of my time as a listener.  I miss that because in my Jeep I have a cassette player and have an auxiliary adapter in there so I can’t switch between the listening to my phone or the radio without taking out the cassette.  Taking out the cassette sucks because it’s finicky and it won’t read it unless you put it in just right so it takes me forever to get it to work again.  What I’ve come to listen to is through my phone because of this.  I am a proud subscriber to Apple Music so I always have some weird songs that I’m listening to when I’m in the mood but I also love listening to podcasts.  Football and Soccer podcasts are the typical suspects but I even listen to ones about travel and politics as well.  I’d say I split my time between podcasts and music quite evenly.  As someone who as toyed with the idea of going into the Communications field I love listening to podcasts and thinking about how they do their thing and how I could pull it off, but then as a mediocre musician, I love getting lost in a song that I can butcher on the guitar later.  I also listen to music and podcasts while running.  And as I mentioned earlier, I hope to upgrade my radio here soon so I can seamlessly go between my music, podcasts, and my friends over at 104.9 The Fox.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 7: Audio

  1. I’m the opposite. It’s the blah blah in between the songs that draws me to Spotify and Apple Music more than radio stations. On Alice 107.7 in October, they do scary stories every Thursday as a part of their “Thriller Thursdays”. I can honestly say these are the only times I enjoy listening to the talking in between songs on the radio and the only times I am not annoyed by the amount of talking. When I listen to the radio, I expect to listen to music and not talking.


  2. I understand the struggle of having an auxiliary adapter that goes into a cassette player. My dad has one in his SUV and it’s always a pain when it messes up. Anytime I’m annoyed that I don’t have Bluetooth in my car I just remind myself that at least I can just plug in an auxiliary cable without having to have an adapter.


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