Chapter 6: Newspapers and the News

Minorities as Sources

The concept that saying someone is a female or minority when stating them as a source raises the quality of a work is just as bad as saying that stating a source as a white male raises the quality of the work.  The only time this is acceptable is when it is relevant to the topic.  The reason this is so bad is because this goes against what the minorities fight for in general.  Minorities are mad because they think everyone treats them differently based on their race, so if a news source is stating their race when it has no relevance to their credibility as a source doesn’t that go against what they fight for?  Take for example the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  They, being the black community, say constantly that they aren’t trying to say the black lives matter and no other lives matter.  They’re trying to say that they’re lives matter TOO.  You think they would’ve made a hashtag that helped get this point across more but alas.  You can also look to the Feminist movement as well.  Not taking into account the extreme feminist, most feminists aren’t asking to be paid more than men do, just to be paid the same as them.  The argument I’m trying to make here isn’t the validity of either of these arguments but the inconsistency of these compared to stating a minorities minority just so you can say you used a minority because it’s not someone’s race that makes them a credible source but their experience. It’s ridiculous for in one breath to fight for equality and in the next to say that you’re a better source because you’re a minority.  On the other hand, though it does make sense to state races and genders when doing polls and survey’s because you want to have diversity in those.


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