Chapter 5: Magazines


I still remember scouring the towers of countless magazines as a kid at the doctor’s office to find one I’d enjoy. Upon finding the only National Geographic there I would settle down in an oversized chair and start to open the magazine. And as if on cue, the Doctor would say ‘Rowdy Fraser’ and I’d be asked to go into the back to meet my imminent doom and not even get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. What’s funny is even in these magazines I’d read the advertisements would bring me joy as well as the actual content. They were sometimes including some witty joke that I enjoyed or they’d be a camera advertisement with some really good pictures of some sort. Though I have noticed that advertisers are trying to sneak their advertisements in more, by either disrupting a whole article or by acting like it’s meant to be there. There have been times I’ve been reading an article and I finish the page, in the middle of a sentence, turn to next page and there is a giant gecko on the next page trying to insure my scooter or something. I look back at the page I was reading and in small print, it says ‘Article continued after next page’ and I’ve completely lost the momentum I had while reading. Also, advertisers are trying to make it to where you don’t notice what they really are so we don’t tune them out completely. For example in National Geographic Canon will have a page to advertise on and will put pictures of wildlife up. So you see the pictures and you think ‘Hmm, those are nice pictures. Oh, what’s that say? The new Canon camera took the pictures? Amazing.’ And it’s almost as if it’s not even an advertisement. But at the end of the day, I don’t mind that. It honestly adds content to the magazine, makes the readers happy, which makes the magazine happy. As long as advertisements are tactful and interesting then they don’t bother me. I also understand that advertisements are what get the magazine a lot of money so it would be silly to hate them. After all, without advertisements, magazines would be a lot more expensive.


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