Chapter 4: Books

Brick-and-Mortar vs Online Alternatives

The last time I bought a book at a bookstore was within the last month. I went into Barnes & Nobel and bought The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It was $8. After I was 100 pages into the book and loved it I bought the other 4 books in the series on Amazon. Why? Because Amazon I can buy hundreds of books for $.01(and $3.99 shipping of course.) This hurts the bookstores that make money off of new books. Those stores sell books at the cover price while Amazon will sell a used book that reads the same, for $4. As someone who enjoys walking into the bookstore and being surrounded by hundreds of potential friends, I am worried about the decrease of ‘brick-and-mortar’ bookstores. It’s something about holding a book in your hands and opening up and being embraced by the smell of a newly printed book that just adds to the whole experience. I love it. I would imagine that the act of going to a brick-and-mortar bookstore really helps sales too. You go to a bookstore and say ‘I’m just getting one book’ and leave with a carload of them. The Internet doesn’t have this same sort of appeal. You can just ‘buy now with one click’ and boom. You can search the book you want, buy it immediately, and move on with your life. I also love Amazon and their recommendations though. These have recommended plenty of books to me throughout the years, and I’ve read some of my favorites because of this feature. But if I was told to pick one I’d pick the old school bookstore over the online alternatives 100% of the time


One thought on “Chapter 4: Books

  1. I absolutely love going to the book store. There is just something comforting about the smell of books and coffee. Of course the endless reading material is the best. I definitely feel that the price and accessibility could potentially hurt the business of the brick and mortar stores.


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