Chapter 3: The Media Buisness

Long Tail Media

I, along with many others of my generation, am quite a fan of long tail media. Though we may say cute little catch phrases like ‘Quality over Quantity’ our actions say otherwise. The high majority of college kids I know all have a Netflix subscription. Netflix is the epitome of Long Tail Media. It had a lot of choices but not always quality choices. Hardly a day goes by I don’t use Netflix, even if I do watch the same show over and over. Netflix also does their own original shows now and I personally enjoy them more than the majority of typical TV shows. Shows such as Daredevil on Netflix has captured my attention and I’ve watched the show multiple times now. I prefer it over almost all cable shows. I still remember when Netflix was all on DVD and you’d have to let them know what show/movie you wanted and they would mail it to you and you had to mail it back within a certain amount of time. They developed into the online streaming service they are today only within the last few years. I had a teacher in High School that used to always recommend Netflix shows to me and I didn’t have Netflix back then so I couldn’t watch them. But now, at just $7 a month me and my whole family enjoys the long tail media that has captivated a nation


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