Media Journal II

What a strange idea it is to decide to record all of your media consumption. When first given this challenge I thought it would be an easy enough job. It would take me less than five minutes a day to write everything down and after 15 days I’d look back at the project and shrug and think that I consumed about the media that I thought I did. What I didn’t realize was the media that I consume that is near impossible to track. The billboards I see. The article I look at over the shoulder of a classmate. Or even when I check my phone for texts or the time. Tracking the bulkier media consumption was easier, such as Xbox or TV interactions.
My media consumption says a lot about me and my day to day activities. For example, I check my phone every morning as soon as I wake up and my alarm goes off. I check Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I found that I check it every night also. And if I’m having trouble daydreaming in class or my mind wandering then I will check it in class. Those are the hardest to track. In order for me to track the fullness of my media consumption, I’d have to literally have a secretary who would write it down for me. My other teachers would kill me if I pulled out other school work in their class to write down when they have us read an article from the projector. Writing this now I realize how many small things I failed to catalog in my media journal. I think it’d be easier to write down the times we don’t consume media because that would make for a smaller journal.
I found that I have quite a bit of time spent watching Netflix and playing Xbox. Especially during spring break. Without the responsibilities of school, I didn’t have much other than work. I didn’t go out of town or anything so I was stuck at home with no sorts of entertainment other than media. I did go outside and went running a few times but when I did that I was listening to music or a podcast, consuming media. Even when I went and spoke with my family about my day Netflix was in the background playing, and even if not playing it was paused. When my friends and I would go eat there was usually a TV playing in the background, looming over us demanding our attention instead of devoting it to each other. This is a huge problem in my opinion. Media demands us to consume it. Can we really even drive without media consumption? In order for me to be an aware driver, as I try to be, I notice every road sign(media?), I notice ever car I drive by, notice it’s bumper stickers, I notice every billboard, I can’t do anything without media surrounding me. In my room media barrages me, posters on my wall are media, even if I read the spines of my books or video games then I’ve just consumed media.
Media is like pizza rolls. Pizza rolls are amazing in my opinion. They take a minute to cook, they are bite sized and a perfect snack for watching a football game or your favorite TV show. But if you eat three plates of them they probably are pretty bad for you. Much is the same for Media. It’s a good thing to have, helpful in many cases, but if we consume too much of it, it ends up consuming us. It dictates our day, it is the one in control of many of our lives and we just let it control us. I look forward to the ‘Day Without Media’(should we make a hashtag?) and what I will learn from it.


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