MJi: Generational Media Differences;

I interviewed Valerie Boyle, aged 43, from Bono, AR. When asking her where she worked she offered, with a smile, that she was the CEO of Boyle Property Inspections LLC. She is the mom of one of my best friends here in Jonesboro. I interviewed her in a car ride, in her new Mercedes C250 she liked to add, on the way home from a basketball game.

Mrs. Valerie said that her cellphone & the internet would have to be her two favorite media sources, because she has to use these for work. She uses social media to market business and it’s the way she connects with friends that aren’t in the same city as her. There are a couple of websites that she uses to get data on to price their jobs. For example, she uses addresses to learn square footage, size, age, etc of home so she can price the work that they will do to it.

Typically the only media she uses is the aforementioned cellphone and Internet for work and social media. She also will tune into the radio while driving around to feed her music taste, which is quite a variety. Some of her favorite media memories is the time she used the internet to find Paoli, Indiana. Here is where Paoli Peaks Ski Resort is and it has housed many Boyle family vacations. Also, before her and her husband were married she would use her phone to call him all the time and stay in touch with him.

On March 24, 1998 Mrs. Valerie had just gotten home from work and a helicopter flew over her house. She turned on the news and saw that Westside High School was under a school shooting. She recounts this as one of the most memorable historical events she had ever witnessed via media. When I asked her about how her life would be different she said, without a single moment of thought, that she would have a lot of free time. But, on the flip side she also say it would cause her to work harder. She said that that would quite frankly “stink”. She also says that “Internet is a connivence to life, a privilege.”

Valerie uses plenty of media that I do not use, or don’t use often. She says that she uses her phone and the internet the most. One of the things she says she uses her phone for most often is Facebook to talk to old friends. I on the other hand don’t use my phone for Facebook. She also gets her news from KAIT 8, Facebook, and the newspaper. I get my news from Twitter and other apps on my phone. I can’t remember the last time I watched the local news channel. I also will watch ESPN and FS1 for sports news, which is something Mrs. Valerie doesn’t use. We get the same main information from Twitter and Facebook. But we also get different information from those places also. Since Mrs. Valerie watches KAIT 8, and gets the newspaper during baseball season, she gets local news whereas I typically don’t get local news unless I stumble upon a tweet that mentions it. We get about the same national news though from social media. The biggest difference between our media use is that Mrs. Valerie told me that she doesn’t “have time to read books.” Of course most people don’t have time to read books, me included. But I try my best to make time to read books because it’s something I enjoy and helps keep me distracted. Me and Mrs. Valerie’s values aren’t much different due to media. We just decide to use media differently. I can see how someone with different values than me could use media differently though. This assignment was a good assignment cause it surprises me how many different ways there is to get the same media.


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