Can you come up with a recent example of someone publicly making the argument that “the media” have powerful direct effects on people?  How would you respond to his or her arguments?

I have previously written about this in my previous post.  Marco Rubio has been quoted as saying, “The media coverage for Donald Trump has been almost cheerleading.  I’m convinced it’s because many in the press want him to be the nominee.”  This is a perfect quote because of how it captures the election.  In page 39 of our book, it shows a pie chart showing all of the republican candidates and their media coverage.  Marco Rubio was mentioned 8.4% by the media.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, was mentioned 49% of the time.  Of course, all of Donald Trump’s mentions weren’t good, but at the end of the day, media coverage is media coverage.

I believe that as often as our TVs are in our lives, and play constantly in the background, people started sort of absorbing the Trump name.  They never did take the time to investigate it and what the media were saying, just that they were saying something. This goes hand in hand with the Agenda Setting Theory, the media doesn’t tell us what to think, but what to think about.  The media told us to think about Trump and we listened and now he’s our President.  I personally had my opinion on Trump early on in the race and decided I liked what he was trying to do.  Event if President Trump does say some stupid things and doesn’t always make everyone happy I still believe that is something this country could use, and I support the President.


One thought on “Chapter 2; Mass Communication Effects

  1. Really wish you would have more posts i would be very interesting to hear your views on other things related to the lessons. However you have made some good points here. It gives us all something to think about.


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