“For as long as there have been media, there have been those who blame the media for society’s ills.  Others believe that critics are just trying to place the blame on a convenient target.  How do you feel about the debate?  Why?”

The media have been a prominent figure in our society for many years.  Ever since I remember I’ve been experiencing media.  At first it was with something like Disney channel, or it’d be sitting in my parents lap while watching Fox News.  But even with the influences of this media I wouldn’t be blaming any of my short comings on it.  The media’s influence on the media isn’t as ill as some would think.  I believe that all because the media is ‘rotten’ doesn’t mean it ruins us, as the watchers.  I’m afraid that it’s society’s fault for letting the media influence them.  Our job as consumers to the media isn’t to take everything they say to heart, everything they say as fact.  We should consider everything they say and make our own decisions about what the media is trying to tell us.

One good example of this is the recent election.  The whole media was harassing Donald Trump.  They would try and try and try to make Donald Trump look like a monster.  But, lots of the society was against the media so they thought to themselves “Hmm, the media hates Donald Trump, he must be doing something right!”  I know plenty of people who have thought that if the media was against Trump then he must be a good guy.  So it’s almost as if society is rejecting the media because they assume they are wrong and corrupt.  So, I don’t believe media has corrupted all of society.  I believe there are plenty of people who still see through the media’s bull crap.


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